It’s a huge SSD roundup at The Tech Report, all sizes and prices are welcome in this mega review.  See how the Corsair P256 256GB, OCZ Apex 120GB, OCZ Vertex 120GB, Samsung PB22-J 256GB, Super Talent UltraDrive ME 128GB, and the Transcend TS32GSSD25S-M 32GB SSDs all perform.  Several of these drives share the same controller and their results are similar as a result.  In other cases unique controllers and differing cache sizes create performance differences that can be noticed.  There is no clear winner, as some drives are better at certain tasks than others, and the top performers price can be a real setback. 

“Intel shook the SSD world when it introduced the X25-M last year. So how does the market look today? We’ve gathered six SSDs from Corsair, OCZ, Samsung, Super Talent, and Transcend and pitted them against the X25-M’s latest firmware to find out, with interesting results.”

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