Arctic Cooling are not the only ones guilty of the major sin of PSUs; slapping the maximum peak power in the name and not the actual wattage the PSU is rated for.  Unfortunately their sins go further than that in the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550RF PSU.  They included 4 PCI-E power connectors, leading you to believe that a pair of high end graphics cards can be powered but used 20AWG wiring which caused the 12V rail to drop to 10.8V during testing.  That drop, especially considering the complete lack of an EPS12V connector means that a pair of power hungry video cards are not going to be happy with the power provided.  It isn’t all bad though, Hardware Secrets did have nice things to say about the fans.

“To start off, we must say that we were really disappointed with the name chosen by Arctic Cooling for this product. 550RF leads you to believe that this is a 550 W product, when in fact it is a 500 W power supply. The 550 W on the name is the peak power, which according to the manufacturer can be sustained for only ONE SECOND. This kind of gimmick is typically used by low-end manufacturers and we wouldn’t expect this from a Swiss-based company. But besides that, is Fusion 550RF a good product? Let’s see.”

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