Steam is hosting another free weekend, this time featuring Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition.  Don’t get too excited about the Black label as that simply indicates you have downloaded and installed the free Titan Pack.  If, like some who have purchased UT3 when it first came out and haven’t touched it in months, you can install and activate the full Black Edition over Steam by providing your CD Key.  Who knows, maybe enough people will see the game on Steam or in HEXUS’ quick article here that there might actually be someone to play with.

It still won’t have Onslaught though.

“Unreal Tournament 3 together with the free Titan Pack constitutes Unreal Tournament 3 Black. The Titan Pack is a bonus pack with loads of enhancements and new content including environments, the Titan mutator, the Greed and Betrayal gametypes, the Stealthbender vehicle, weapons, deployables, characters and more. Unreal Tournament 3 Black also includes over 50 Steamworks Achievements.”

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