From the over sized 1200g, $120 CoolerMaster V10 to the 550g, $36 Spire TherMax II, Legit Reviews has gathered a bakers dozen of LGA1366 coolers to see which can deal with Nehalem’s heat the best.  With honoured names like Thermaltake, Thermalright and Spire you might expect the big guys to take the prize, after all they have been making heatsinks since the days when 100g of aluminium and a 40mm fan were enough.  Surprisingly it is a relative newcomer, the Titan Fenrir that takes the top prize.

“At first I had mixed feelings the new top air cooler, the Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ. With never having used or seen a review for a Titan cooler before I didn’t know what to expect. When I picked up the Fenrir it didn’t have the “feel” of a solid cooler like the NH-U12P or the Ultra 120. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the numbers come up, and I’m looking forward to see more offerings from Titan…”

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