The Axentra HipServ Plug is a tiny little box (110mm x 69.5mm x 48.5 mm) powered by a 1.2GHz Marvell Sheeva CPU with 512MB of NAND storage memory and 512MB of DDR2.  To interface with it you have a USB 2.0 slot and a gigabit NIC, and to power it up, you simply plug it into a mains power wall wart.  All the interface is web based, as you might assume from it’s size, shape and lack of video output.  Legit Reviews does feel it is a work in progress, they used an 8GB USB key that was pre-formatted and it worked fine but when they connected a 1TB USB hard drive, things did not go so smoothly.  Take a look at ‘plug based’ computing here.

You might also want to drop by the PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, it has been thoroughly updated and now only features DDR3 based systems.

“Besides being a web server and UPnP media server, the HipServ Plug also sports a slick backup software suite. For this you must install the appropriately named HipServDesktopApplication. Once the application is installed, fire it up, and it’ll search the network for a HipServ. Upon finding one it’ll ask you for login credentials and then let you setup a backup sequence. I’ve been doing daily backups of my review photo archive and it has been working like a charm…”

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