If you are looking for a mouse or keyboard, the amount of choice you have shares a lot with the cereal aisle in teh supermarket, with your average gamer being a sugar addicted 8 year old.  Consider a new board on the market, the Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard.  It keeps the standard keyboard layout, something that many other gaming keyboards like to play with, instead focusing on design and macro programming.  Take a look over at R&B Mods.

"Looking for an edge when it comes to PC gaming? Well, Xoxide, provider of a wide range of computer accessories, sent us one of the latest gaming keyboard, the Razer Arctosa. Razer is a well-known gaming product manufacturer that has produced many well-known gaming products such as the Razer Diamondback and Viper mice. Will this new keyboard bring similar performance to both gaming and everyday applications? That is what we’re here to find out."

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