The brilliant white finish on this Sparkle GTX260 isn’t the most unique thing on this card, it is the 216 shader processors, 24 more than a standard GTX260 that stands out.  The heat management isn’t anything to laugh at, PC Stats hit a rather impressive overclock, reaching 682MHz core and 1221MHz memory.  It doesn’t quite hit the point where is faster than an HD4890, which is unfortunate as nVIDIA would like to see a reclamation of the top spot.  It does perform on par with the HD4870, and at roughly the same price point so your decision might end up based on CrossfireX versus SLI.

“Sparkle has teamed up with nVidia to produce the Sparkle GTX260 Core 216, a graphics card that stands as a direct challenger to AMD’s Radeon 4870 graphics card. The “Core 216″ part of the Sparkle GTX260 Core 216 videocard’s name refers to the GPU having additional shader processors enabled. While the original Geforce 260 GTX had 192 shader processors, the Core 216 variant has an additional 24 enabled, for a grand total of, you guessed it, 216 shader processors.”

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