Since I know you want to spend your weekend with the tech writers of PC Perspective but we won’t give you our phone numbers or the time for the cookout, how about you get your groove on with a pair of videos for the time between now and Monday instead?  First up is the LIVE (not really anymore) video recording of 56th PC Perspective Podcast that streamed on  Not only should you be subscribed to our podcast for your weekly dose of technology anecdotes, you should also be stopping by to watch us record it live on Wednesdays at 10PM ET. 

Next up is a live weekly show I do with Leo Laporte (of TechTV fame) every Wednesday at 6pm ET – set your calendars!  This video has a bit of blank space up front that wasn’t edited out for some reason, but just jump to time mark 5:30 to get to the good stuff…any stuff.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Don’t be surprised though to see some fancy new content pop up on Saturday however….