If you haven’t heard or seen this weeks podcast yet, we offer a bit of background to take into our discussion of the state of SATA drives.  The Tech Report fired up some heavily used SSDs from Corsair, OCZ and Intel to see just how the performance has degraded, if at all.  It is also a study of the controllers, from Indilinx, Samsung and Intel as the controller is one of the major influences on the change of speed of an SSD over time.  Head on over to get a firm grasp on the controller and the changing firmware, and then give the podcast a listen.

“Many would argue solid-state drives are the future of PC storage, but some of today’s SSDs apparently aren’t as resilient as one might expect. Drives based on Indilinx’s “Barefoot” IDX110M00-LC controller are a case in point. In a recent SSD round-up, we discovered that although Barefoot-based OCZ Vertex and Super Talent UltraDrive ME drives excelled in synthetic tests like HD Tach and IOMeter, they suffered from surprisingly poor real-world write and file copy performance. Our results were consistent and repeatable within the confines of our test environment, so we probed deeper in an attempt determine the true nature of the issue.”

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