About 20 years ago, the big hit for the year was Activision’s Death Track, featuring three cars and a lot of explosions.  There was the fast Hellcat, an armed Crusher and heavily armoured Pitbull to start the game with and a ton of upgrades for engines, armour, brakes and most importantly heavy ordinance.  Many many hours were spent circling a track and destroying all competition.  For those of us with fond memories of those hours, the hope of a sequel or remake has dwindled over the years, but someone remembered.  Death Track Resurrection has come and you can read the review at Gamepyre.  Those of you who never experienced the original should definitely take a look, it’s only $20 after all.

“The cars come equipped with a variety of weapons and just as the cars, the weapons can also be upgraded. With multiple game modes game options, this is a very solid single player racing game. This would have been an almost perfect racer if the programmers would have taken the time to include some sort of multiplayer modes; I would have spend hours shooting at my friends’ cars. Despite the lack of multiplayer options, this is still a fun game, especially for only 20 dollars. But beware, this is not an easy game. There’s nothing more disappointing then being in first place and having the finish line just feet in front of you when all of the sudden a missile blows up your car and causes you to finish last. If you can’t take loosing very well you may want to stay clear of this game because some races will take you quite a few tries to complete (I’m still having trouble with Tokyo under ‘Scenario’ mode.”

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