DDR3 memory prices have been sliding down for a while now, to the point where 6GB kits can be had for less that $100.  A perfect example is A-Data’s 6GB Triple Channel PC3-12800which could be matched with an AM3 processor and board for an incredibly cheap gaming machine.  The timings of 8-8-8-24 are not the tightest on the market; the CAS7 kits come at a high premium, but there is not a huge performance difference, the only thing you get is the bragging rights.  See just how close in performance they are in the Guru of 3D’s full review.

“We mentioned this a couple of times already, but the memory market is fierce and competitive. All manufacturers are competing with each other on some level. Some go for the crown in high-end performance, others for the most low-budget memory one can sell, and then there’s mainstream. Probably the biggest market out there.

Especially with the release of Intel’s Core i7 processors, a new battleground created itself. In the past weeks we tested many high-end kits in a triple channel configuration. A-Data recently released their DDR3-1600+ series memory. This review kit is in particular a 6GB kit triple channel memory kit that is rated PC3 12800 and comes with a nice CAS 8 latency and a price of just 21 USD per gigabyte.”

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