For a bit under $200 you can pick up Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision googles and enjoy a somewhat 3D experience alone, on some games.  An alternative has popped up; one that does not require you to don the glasses and that will show the 3D view to everyone.  The iZ3D H220Z1 3D Monitor will run you a bit more than a single nVIDIA 3D vision, and displays in 3D … more or less.  When ExtremeTech started the review they treated it like any normal monitor when they ran it through their tests the display did not fare well.  Undaunted they jumped into testing the 3D capabilities, only to be let down again.  See what the problems were here.

“As we mentioned in our review of Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision kit, 3D display technology is nothing new. Consumer active 3D technology for games dates back to the SegaScope 3D for the Sega Master System, two decades ago. Since then, the methods to make graphics appear to “pop out from the screen” have been steadily evolving and improving, but always come with some compromises. In the case of GeForce 3D Vision, the best implementation we’ve seen so far, the drawbacks are several—you need an expensive 120Hz monitor, a pricey active LCD shutter glasses kit, and you’re tied down to a GeForce graphics card.

If you’re thinking “there has to be a better way,” you’ll be happy to hear that iZ3D is right there with you. Yes, you still need a special (and more expensive) monitor, but you only need some really cheap passive polarized glasses, and the technology works with both Nvidia and ATI graphics cards.”

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