Now that Blu-Ray burners and re-writers are sitting near the $200 mark, the DVD seems to be on its way to extinction.  It is not just the sheer size of storage on this optical media, the disks themselves are much more resistant to scratching and a rewriteable disk will not become useless after just a few uses.  Even more attractive than the first generation of disks are the new single and dual-layer BluRay discs; which are the topic in this review at OCModShop.  If you are interested in some fairly tough media that will hold 50GB then it may just be the right time to upgrade your optical storage drive.

“Let’s face it: DVD is on the way out as a data storage medium. Don’t believe me? Do you remember when writable CDs were all the rage? I do, and I have a receipt for the $1000 2x drive to prove it. Once writeable DVDs became affordable, they were the backup medium of choice, and only recently have dual-layer products become affordable.

Scientists keep making the optical data bits smaller and smaller, which is the basic fundamental difference between a CD and today’s BluRay medium. Sure, the technology has matured, and more features added to the discs, but its sheer capacity makes BluRay the storage king.”

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