Comparing the Antec 900 gaming case to the AZZA Solano 1000 seems fair, as both will run you the same amount of money, barring rebates.  The outside look is very similar, with top mounted buttons and inputs as well as a fan, but inside you can’t help but notice some differences, like the 230mm side fan.  The intake fans are both 140mm, an unfortunate choice in size for those who like to mod their cases cooling after buying as it means they may have to spend a bit more time hunting down replacements.  See what you think after reading through the review at PureOverclock.

“Today we will be look at the Solano 1000 enclosure from AZZA, which bears a rather striking resemblance to Antec’s iconic 900 gamer case. But this does not necessarily mean that the Solano is a carbon copy of the other. In fact, it looks as if AZZA has endeavored to improve upon the existing base design. But the question is: Has inspiration led to innovation?”

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