It is well worth hunting down a new Core i7 975 EE as opposed to the older 965 for several reasons that might not be noticeable at first glance.  The 975 clocks in at 3.33 GHz, which is only 130MHz faster than the 965 and they both use the same 1333MHz bus speed.  The power tells a different story, the 975 uses 1.15V compared to 1.35V on the 965.  That translates directly into less heat being produced, and tied in with the superior design of the D0 stepping you will see higher overclocks from this chip.  Find out just how high at Futurelooks.

“Processors seemingly come and go as fast as the seasons. One minute, your system is the top of the line and the next it’s last month’s news. Sometimes, newly revised processors make sense and sometimes they don’t. If you’re an enthusiast who likes to stay as current as possible, it’ll eventually drive you crazy. Thus, you can easily imagine the confusion (and borderline insanity) that people researching new computer upgrades are going through.”

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