Even with the Atom powering netbooks all over the planet, Intel has lost a chunk of their market share and it seems to have gone directly to AMD.  AMD’s growth was spread out over all its various processors, which is a bit of good news in and of its self.  The extra growth in the mobile sector is icing on the cake, as Intel’s Atom was a big concern.  Read more about AMDs low power, low heat and high payback move in the mobility market at The Inquirer.

“AMD HAS CARVED a chunk out of Intel’s market share over the last few months, according to figures just released by iSuppli.

The numbers show that AMD managed strong chip sales and its share increased by 2.3 percentage points to 12.8 per cent in the first quarter.

Intel’s market share slipped 2.5 points to 79.1 per cent in the same period, and iSuppli claims that the decline ended a year of sequential growth for Chipzilla that started in 2008.”

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