If what DigiTimes has heard from an unnamed source is correct, come September AMD will have a new open platform strategy for their mobile lineup.  The introduction of Tigris will see Better By Design, the sticker that comes on AMD based mobile devices replaced by three tiers of Vision branding.  There is a good chance you will see this new branding on Gateway mobile PCs as well as HP’s products.

“AMD is scheduled to announce a new open platform strategy dubbed “AMD Vision Technology” in September, along with the launch of its next-generation notebook platform (Tigris), according to sources at notebook makers.

AMD’s current Better by Design strategy, which places a label with platform specifications on notebooks, will be phased out as the new strategy hits the market.

AMD’s Vision Technology strategy will separate notebook products into three levels based on their processor and GPU – AMD Vision Ultimate, AMD Vision Premium and AMD Vision – and each notebook will receive a label indicating the given level.

AMD declined the opportunity to respond to this report saying it cannot comment on unannounced products.”

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