Do you overclock your CPU with any form of liquid gas?  If not, this product isn’t really for you.  Which is good, because according to The Inquirer, these CPUs are going to be REALLY hard to get a hold of…

AMD has pushed out a very select few processors with the “TWKR” brand on them meant for the highly specialized art of extreme overclocking.  We aren’t talking a few hundred MHz here, we are talking about a couple GHz. 

AMD releases TWKR branded Phenom II CPUs for...tweaking - Processors 2

These CPUs are based on Phenom II X4 140w units but will have exceptional leakage – something that most users actually DON’T want for normal day-to-day computing.  If you are going to be cooling these to well below 0 degree, then that is something to look for. 

The chips certainly look set to be record smashers, but without any actual benchmarks, we can’t tell you conclusively. But, if what we’ve heard is correct and from our knowledge that Phenoms prefer cold over high voltages, these chips should be able to handle higher voltage better under extreme cooling, even possibly topping the 7Ghz barrier.

We’re looking forward to seeing what overclockers will be able to do with these mysterious offerings, especially since the Phenom has already hit 7ghz on all 4 cores, something Intel has yet to achieve. The highest an i7 has ever gone with all cores enabled is just a touch over 6Ghz, and it looks like AMD is about to deliver yet another smackdown.

As you can see in this image, MainGear Computers seems to have at least one – the question remains will any of YOU be able to find one if you are even interested.  And how much are you willing to pay for a CPU with such a specific use?