One thing that is often missed when overclocking is the actual effect on system performance.  The raw numbers are always bigger, for instance a Q9450 bumped up to 3.2GHz is faster than stock, but what happened to the system.  It might feel more zippy, or maybe you have just fooled yourself because of the time you spent watching it hang during unsuccessful settings.  Here at PC Perspective our reviews give hard numbers as opposed to subjective feelings, and you can do the same at home.  That is not to say simply run 3DMark over and over, but instead to pick a game and benchmark it as was done in this thread.  The results might occasionally surprise you.  It is worth checking in with the experts if you see something a little weird, not all benchmarking tools are as flexible as others.

For a more uncommon project, why not try cabling up your house?  It might seem very difficult, but with some solid suggestions not only will you have connectivity but your house will look better without wires hanging everywhere.

In this weeks Podcast, which covered Ryan’s trip to Computex, we were all very hard on nVIDIA’s 3D Vision in general, and toward Jen-Hsun’s paper glasses in particular.  Not everyone agreed with our take on the technology; feel free to join in on their discussion in the Graphics Forum.