It has been going on long enough to have become a new tradition.  Intel has new chips to release, but they sit on them until AMD is scheduled to announce a new CPU and within hours of that announcement Intel is trying to steal back everyones attention by finally letting those chips loose.  The X2 250 and X2 550 were big releases, they are a big improvement from the previous architecture.

True to form, we are now seeing reviews of the new Core i7 models the 950 and 975 XE, as well as processors showing up online as Intel’s NDA expires.  We knew they were coming, we knew the speeds and we knew the architecture and it turns out we were more or less bang on.  The i7 975 EE is now the fastest desktop processor going, as well as the most expensive, trumping the still impressive i7 965, which will hopefully come down in price along with the i7 940.  You can see just how much faster this chip is in Ryan’s full review.

“Thousand dollar processors aren’t for everyone, or even for most, but if you want what is without a doubt the world’s fastest desktop processor, the new Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition is the one you want. Save those pennies, get some high frequency memory and solid motherboard with lots of BIOS options and then overclock your heart away; you won’t be disappointed.”

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