Over at motherboards.org comes a new case mod, this time dedicated to the Wolfenstein series.  Not only do you get a great overview of the tools needed to do mods like this and a look at a beautiful modding job, there is a bonus.  The case being modded is the yet to be released NZXT Panzerbox, a name very apropos to the mods theme.  Either as a voyeur, as someone planning on getting into modding at some point or as a master of the art, you really should see this case.

“Bill has received a pre-production NZXT Panzerbox case. His is going to be handling the modding of the case. NZXT was really cool in allowing him to get his hands on this before it is even in stores. This will be the “first EVER modded NZXT Panzerbox”. The case is going to be modded in tribute to Wolfenstein since we both have fond memories of playing these games.”

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