Corsair has finally filled the gap between their 620W and their 1000W PSUs with the release of the Corsair HX850W.  Not only does that fit them into the sweet spot for enthusiast power needs, it also signals a change in the internals of the PSU.  Previous models failed to impress [H]ard|OCP very much, they did the job but at a lower level than other PSUs of similar wattage.  Now we are seeing CWT’s DSG platform inside, as opposed to the previous PSH which contributed to the lackluster performance of some previous models.  This new design blows away any doubts that Corsair can produce a very good PSU.

“Another week and another company coming in trying to show authority in what is probably the hardest PSU segment to hit a home run in; the 850 watt computer power supply. One has performed great, a few have done OK; where does Corsair fit into the mix?”

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