For those who’ve never heard of it before they read this review on [H]ard|OCP, Computer Vision Syndrome would be that headache you pick up after a long day of working at a PC followed by an evening of surfing, fragging and other activities.  A company called GUNNAR thought they saw an opportunity and have developed Optiks Digital Performance Eyewear to relieve you from the suffering caused by staring at millions of little pixels for more than half your waking hours.  They are designed with the worker in mind, so expect better results when you are reading text as the glasses may cause unintentional side effects in some games.

“Who is GUNNAR Optiks? What is Digital Performance Eyewear? Why should you care? Is it all a load marketing BS or do these glasses really work? We put them on, left them on, and three [H] editors are here to share our experiences.”

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