The four PC gaming stars of E3 in Futurelooks opinon are a pair of sequels and a pair of new games.  The sequels are to Modern Warfare and Bioshock, both games were very well received by fans of their respective genres, Bioshock more for the story and interesting use of Plasmids, CoD: Modern Warfare for its more realistic take on combat.  The two new games are very different, one covers the exploits of a famous Navy SEAL; the other is a designed as a multiplayer crime spree, with up to 1500 people per server.

“Although E3 2009 was all about console games for the Microsoft Xbox 360, SONY Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii, there were a few select titles for the hardcore PC gamers out there. Here are four select titles that should make PC Gamers very happy once they hit the shelves. They include Bioshock 2, CrimeCraft, Rogue Warrior and Modern Warfare 2.”

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