If you are looking for a large case that can manage a watercooling system, but only want to spend around $100, consider the Enermax Phoenix Neo Aluminumcase.  It has an eye catching 250mm fan on the side, which offers some serious air flow, and Enermax was nice enough to ship it without the LED hooked up.  You can enable it quickly if you so desire.  There was plenty of room for Techware Labs to fit a test system in, and at 216mm deep most coolers will fit.  There are more features to be seen, catch them in the full pictorial review.

“Looking for a case that can keep your components cool and quiet at the same time? TechwareLabs may have found it! Join Matt Androski as we take a look at the Enermax Phoenix Neo Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. Will this case use its 250mm fan to its full potential, or will it be another underpowered failure? Read on to find out…”

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