Those with long memories might find EVGA’s recent claim to be the undisputed leader in watercooling solutions when they describe the GTX 295 Hydro Copper.

BFG feels that their claim might be a little bit off, as they point out that they’ve been making watercooled cards since the 6800 Ultra.  You can read [H]ard|OCP’s review of that card from July 27th, 2004 here.

EVGA the undisputed leader in water cooling? - General Tech 2

BFG would like to take this opportunity to officially and publicly dispute EVGA’s claim that they are the “undisputed” leader in water cooling solutions. So now they are officially disputed and can’t claim they are undisputed anymore.

(Sure, EVGA’s statement can be considered harmless marketing hyperbole, but we just couldn’t stand by and let this one go…J)

Here’s why;

BFG Tech:

  • Has been offering water cooled graphics cards since the BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra
  • Has sold over 15 different water cooled GeForce model/variants
  • Has sold most of those water cooled models as true single slot solutions with both water block and bracket only consuming one add-in card slot

By contrast, EVGA:

  • Only started offering water cooled graphics cards since the GeForce 8800 series, once again following BFG’s lead (see lifetime warranty, 24/7/365 tech support – [evga support still isn’t open on holidays, btw], etc)
  • Typically has only offered dual slot water cooled graphics cards which take up an additional add-in card slot
  • Has fewer water cooled GeForce model/variants not including products that were announced and never launched
  • In some cases, has started selling only the water block to customers, but not a fully assembled water cooled graphics card. Just selling the block alone puts the installation risk entirely on the customer.