Monster Cable has been described in a lot of ways; bizarre, ridiculous, loony and just plain way too freakin’ expensive.  Perhaps that is why they picked Ludacris to be their big name at launches.  This particular launch is for the Monster Turbine Headphones, in-ear buds that go for around $150, actually on the low end of the in-ear market.  Check out their looks and get an idea as to their sound over at TechWareLabs

“If you like music but the standard headphones with your mp3 player or iPod just don’t cut it for you then you must take a look at our review of the Monster Turbine headphones. Donning amazing headset is like strapping a high end stereo setup to your head. We compare the Turbines to headphones from Shure and Bose and bring you our take on the latest entry from Monster Cable.”

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