To get the most important forum thread out of the way first, PC Perspective is giving away a Smooth Creations system.  You have 7 different ways to enter and Ryan has already disqualified Allyn, Josh and myself so you have no excuses not to enter and win even if you live in Outer Elbonia.  This machine is not just pretty on the outside inside you will find a Phenom X4 955, a pair of HD4890s, 4GB DDR2 on a Foxconn 790FX, and dual VelociRaptors, all powered by a 1000w TopPower PSU.

Of course we all know that the contest is not the only reason to be posting in the PC Perspective Forums, you can also discuss and learn about everything from the best printers going to picking your favourite flavour of RAM.  You can also drill down to more specific topics, like advice in the best way to deal with strange artifacting in games without having a panic attack or getting inspiration for your next HTPC build; you can find it on the forums.  If you can find it, start a new thread and someone will be along shortly to help you.

If hardware isn’t your thing, then check out the OS forums, in both Linux and Windows varieties, or chill with the Fragging Frogs in the Gaming forum.  There are distributed computing forums where you can contribute your unused cycles to curing cancer, finding aliens or any of the many other projects that PC Perspective team is a part of. 

As you are doing so, check out this weeks PC Perspective Podcast #62, the audio is here and the video will be up early next week.  You can always try catching the reruns of both the Podcast and TWiCH on TWiT live if you can’t wait.

Five years without DOS support and it is still going strong - General Tech 2

Click on the picture to learn about all the ways to enter the PC Perspective Giveaway.