There seem to be two main types of HTPC creators, something that has probably grown from the old days of audio receivers.  The first, more common type simply wants to enjoy the final product and is unconcerned with matching colours, completely hidden wires or mixing brands of speakers.  As long as it sounds great in the end, the aesthetics are an afterthought.   They will nurse the HTPC into working order, but are far more likely to hide it from sight, either behind something large or by locating it in a different room.

The second school of thought does not neglect the quality of the audio or video coming from the HTPC, that is not the case at all.  They just have another requirement above and beyond the quality of the components that go into the system, they also want it to look good enough to show off.  The LUXA2 LM200 Touch certainly fits that requirement, take a look at it over at ThinkComputers.

“Thermaltake’s new division LUXA2 is made to be unique and we have a very unique case for you today. The LM200 touch is a HTPC case that not only looks great it also makes the installation process really easy. This aluminum case features a 7-inch touch screen LCD, room for 2 hard drives, a hidden optical drive bay, and a very spacious interior. Let’s see if this new luxury brand can live up to the hype.”

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