BioWare and Mythic have been compressed into one big RPG/MMO studio group under the umbrella that is EA.  BioWare’s chiefs are staying to run the ship, it is Mythic’s head that is being released to the wild.  It is hard to say which directions this new merged gaming shop will head, but it is not the only big merger in the news right now.  Also in the news is the purchase of id Software to the company that own Bethesda, ZeniMax; or as Romero put it “Fallout 3 bought DOOM.”  Somehow it seems as likely that Doom 4 will have Perks and levels for your character as it does that the next Morrowind game will have rocket launchers, but you never know.

“Electronic Arts subsidiaries BioWare (Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Mythic Entertainment (Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online) are to be combined into a new “studio group” led by BioWare co-founder and general manager Ray Muzyka.

Mythic revealed the restructuring today on its official website, with BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk serving as chief creative officer of the new group and Mythic co-founder Rob Denton now acting as general manager of the Mythic division. Denton will report to group general manager Muzyka, and BioWare’s studios “remain unchanged.” “

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