At $420 the Ikonik Ra X10 Liquid case is a serious investment, but one which will not disappoint the hardcore overclocker.  Built right into the case is an aluminium box which houses a pump and a reservoir, and there are two big radiators included as well.  Everything you need to set up a cooling loop comes with the case, and there are quite a few fans as well to ensure everything stays nice and cool.  The biggest feature is the SIM unit, which allows you control over the entire cooling system.  See it for yourself at Bjorn3D.

“While many of us will not be able to afford a decked out case with liquid cooling built in, some just cant help but haveing the best. This case is certainly unrivaled in one area, rad space. While the Thermaltake Sword M has a built in rad, the X10 Liquid has twin rads, with four 80mm fans on each. This is right inbetween a triple and quad 120mm radiator. As anyone with a triple rad knows, it blows off a lot of heat. These rads should be the same, and may even have an advantage. According to Ikonik these rads are of hihger quality, similar to what is used on car radiators.”

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