At first glance the ASUS W90Vp looks like one incredible laptop; you get a Q9000, dual 320GB HDD, and 6GB (3x2GB) of RAM @ DDR2-667. The LCD is a high quality 1080p display which makes sense as there are a pair of mobility HD4870’s in Crossfire inside this beast.  Unfortunately, those cards will lead you to discover something horrible about the state of AMDs mobile driver, as AnandTech realized when testing this laptop.  Check out this 12lb powerhouse here.

“For better or for worse, most of the notebook manufacturers seem to be most interested in sending us their top-end gaming laptops for review. We hope to have a roundup of several “normal” laptops in the near future — you know, laptops that weigh less than five pounds and hopefully get over three hours of battery life. In the meantime, we do have several monster notebooks to review, starting with the ASUS W90Vp-A1.

ASUS has a couple variants of the W90Vp; the A1 version we’re looking at today is essentially identical to the X2 version, except for the fact that it has dual 320GB hard drives. Considering the difference in price, you might want to pick up the X2 if you can find it and add a second hard drive yourself. As for the rest of the components, this is one behemoth of a “laptop”.”

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