Guybrush Threepwood is back in two completely different ways, three including a cameo in a certain Civ4 mod. The first of the games being release is The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, which is a remake of the 1990 classic.  Updated graphics, music and voice-overs from the original cast should keep those with no memories of the Island of Melee interested while the rest enjoy a little nostalgia.

In addition to the remake is Tales of Monkey Island which has a completely revamped look and is coming out for both Wii and PC.  It will be released as episodes instead of a complete game.  There is not much information yet on cost or length of the episodes, but you can see trailers of both at Offworld.

“As noted yesterday in kicking off E3 coverage, LucasArts and Telltalle Games have partnered to rejuvenate the classic Monkey Island adventure franchise with both a new Wii/PC episodic series and a remake of the original for PC and Xbox Live Arcade.”

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