It takes some serious chutzpa for a relative newcomer into the PSU market to price their PSUs up with the big names.  This is exactly what In Win has done with their $210 Commander 850 850W Power Supply. The CWT PSH-850 platform used is familiar and the four 12V rails are expected from an 850W PSU.  You may want to check which 12V you are using as 1 and 2 are both 19A while 3 and 4 are 30A.  Corsair and Antec both have well performing PSUs with this wattage and a lower price; find out how did the In Win model handled the [H]ard|OCP torture test in comparison.

“Another contestant in the 850 watt computer power supply market moves into position. Does this long respected chassis manufacturer have what is needed to give us an award winning PSU that is a good value? Just passing our test suite is a tall order; attention private!”

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