According to a story over at Fudzilla, Intel is working on some upgrades to their line of solid state drives this winter.  Apparently Intel is converting their flash drives to use 34nm NAND and will introduce a 320GB version in addition to the 160GB and 80GB model based on the new memory technology.  While the cost per GB will surely go down with this memory change, the price on the 320GB model could be pretty staggering – well over the 160GB model you can find today for $619 or so.
Intel’s original X25-M 80GB SSD – review here

One thing we will also be curious about is if Intel ups the speed of the X25-M series at the same time as these new models are released.  While we still think Intel’s drives are the best overall performers, their dominance has been contested by newer Samsung and Indilinx based SSDs in recent months and our theory of Intel’s designers purposefully holding back write speeds looks more and more likely.  If true, Intel would simply have to flip a switch to compete once again in terms of raw speed – but whether or not Intel will make that move has yet to be seen.