Unprecedented Embedded Graphics Performance
The ATI Radeon E4690 delivers leading performance for embedded applications from casino and arcade gaming to digital signage. With 3x the performance of AMD’s previous generation embedded GPUs, the E4690 can help deliver the performance needed for today’s embedded applications. This performance is delivered through state of the art features, including a wider 128-bit memory interface and 512MB of on-chip memory. The E4690 provides broad hardware support for video codecs and allows for multiple HD video streams to be decoded simultaneously delivering features like picture in picture. For ultimate performance, multiple GPUs can be combined through ATI CrossFireX technology.

Low and Scalable Power Consumption
Based on 55nm technology, the E4690 delivers more than double the performance per watt than previous generation processors. Built with ATI’s PowerPlay technology the E4690 has dynamic power management delivering high performance when needed, while intuitively conserving energy at idle or when demand is low. The E4690 graphics processor also allows for exceptional scalability of performance between 8W and 25W.

Broadest Range of Display Outputs
Today’s embedded applications require support for a large range of output interfaces. The E4690 delivers a comprehensive selection of output options including the first ever embedded support for DisplayPort that delivers up to 2x the bandwidth of DVI. Whether it is HDMI, dual-link DVI, analog output, or custom timings for LVDS panels, the E4690 has the flexibility to meet most embedded applications.

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