Demigod is a multiplayer RTS with a few twists from the original recipe.  Perhaps the most noticeable one is your complete lack of control over units, they manage to kill themselves off without any help from you.  Resources are also changed, instead of hordes of workers farming resources, you need to capture specific points on the map in order to receive the various resources.  This leaves you plenty of time to strategize how to best to remove your opponent’s demigod from the game.  This is one of the few recent games that bears AMD’s logo instead of nVIDIA’s during the splash screen, which prompted [H]ard|OCP to test to see if that helps the performance of Radeon cards and if it has any effect on nVIDIA’s performance.  Check out the results.

“Demigod arrived ahead of schedule amid uproarious approval of its graphical splendor and downcast horror of its networking abomination. Focusing in on its graphical splendor, we will find out which video card best fits your needs in this game, testing no less than seven cards in performance and image quality.”

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