The Asus Pro61s is a 15.6″ notebook sporting a C2D T5850, 3GBs of DDR2-800 and an HD4870.  The full size keyboard will come in handy if you decide to use this as a gaming machine, the DVD RW is handy if you are more into watching movies.  R&B Mods found in their testing that the battery is good for over 2 hours, so while it last longer than a lot of notebooks with this kind of design, it won’t last you on a long flight.  See it here.

“Today it’s once again time for a laptop review, Asus sent us a sample of their brand new Pro61s laptop. With features as a Cire T5850 cpu, N Wifi, 16 inch screen, and 4850 videocard this really seems to be a killer. We are going to look at the screen, performance, and battery time in this review so lets have a closer look at what we can squeeze out of it.”

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