You might recall seeing the Galaxy 9600 GT LP back in May when Ryan reviewed it, but now that the temperatures have started to go up while prices are going down, it is worth a second look.  The card is 1″ shorter than the normal model at 8″ and almost half as wide at 2.25″ as opposed to 4″.  It also deserves its low power moniker as the system [H]ard|OCP placed it in drew 31 Watts less then GTX 260 at idle and 119 Watts less at load.  Even more interesting is the overclocking potential, would you believe a 150MHz increase on the GPU, 200MHz on the shaders and a 300MHz bump on the memory.

“Today we have something a little different for you. We are taking a look at a brand new LowPower LowProfile video card from Galaxy aimed at the HTPC crowd. The Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT LP LP is designed for small form factor systems such as those from Shuttle and Dell. We will be putting it to the test using NVIDIA’s PureVideo HD and CUDA along with power, temperature and overclock testing.”

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