If Microsoft wants to rename netbooks as “low cost small notebook PCs”, then someone should rename the huge 18″ bricks like the ASUS N90S Multimedia Notebook that was recently reviewed at I4U.  Something weighing over 10lbs and sporting an 1920 x 1080 18.4″ LCD and a pair of 5400 rpm 500GB HDDs along with a Blu-ray drive and more really doesn’t have mobility as it’s primary purpose.  You could carry it around all day, along with a cooler to place it on when it is in use and a small diesel generator to power it, but you really are not likely to.  It does have a lot of power for a large amount of dead weight though.

“Many people want a small and portable notebook if they are going to be on the road a lot. However, some people like to use notebooks and never actually take them anywhere. This group just wants a smaller machine that takes up less space than a desktop. For this type of user, the large screen notebook for multimedia and gaming may be perfect. Today we are looking at the new Asus N90S notebook. The N90S is a massive beast with all sorts of multimedia features. Read on for all the details.”

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