The American overclockers: prepare to take arms. Internationally renowned computer hardware manufacturer MSI has released details for the American Qualifiers for the MSI MOA 2009 (Master Overclocking Arena). The MOA2009 aims to test overclockers’ knowledge, skill, and perseverance in recording the highest benchmark scores from their overclocked computer hardware systems.

Overclockers from the mention below regions are invited to participate in this exciting tournament online and to determine the best overclocking team from their respective countries:
USA, Mexico, Canada, South American countries

“I think MOA 2008 was a GREAT event, hopefully MOA 2009 will be even GREATER ! I’m really looking forward to meet my friends in MOA 2009” – Alva Jonathan / Champion of MSI MOA 2008

MSI MOA 2009 Qualifier Details

Date: June 29th ~ July 19th – PHASE I
Everyone can join the PHASE I online competition. Just submit their highest score online. The top 10 winners will be selected for the PHASE II

Date: July 25th ~August 2nd – PHASE II
From the 10 finishers, top 2 will be chosen and the winners can invite 1 person each – total 4 competitors for the grand finale-

Members of the public are welcomed to join in the fun and cheer and even vote on their favorite overclocking team as they race to post the highest scores!

The MSI MOA2009 aims to not only test the limits and capabilities of computer hardware but also bring together overclocking communities around the world by nurturing the spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie through the teams’ common interests in computer hardware and technology. This year, up to 20 teams are expected to be invited to the Grand Final in Beijing this August. And the top 3 finishers for North America will walk away with $6,000 worth of prizes, components to building any hardcore overclocker’s dream machine, and the top 2 teams will receive a free trip to Beijing for the grand final tournament.

For more information, please visit the official MSI MOA 2009 website at

About the MSI MOA

The inaugural MSI MOA took place in 2008 at Huashan Cultural-Creative Park, Taiwan, where 13 teams around the world were invited by MSI to take part in this prestigious overclocking tournament. These teams were chosen for their overclocking results and performance displayed during the national finals held in their respective countries. After several hours of preparation and benchmarking in 3DMark2001 and SuperPI, the results were announced. Team Indonesia was the overall winner of the competition with Team Greece and Team Taiwan taking the second and third places respectively.

Once considered a niche hobby, overclocking today is big business as more and more computer hardware makers such as MSI are specifically releasing motherboards designed for overclocking and extreme performance. The results gained from overclocking records are invaluable feedback for the computer hardware industry, allowing further technological advancements in the field of components circuitry. Overclocking also allows users to learn more about the intricacies of their PC systems and how they work in general.

MOA North America Overclocking Tournament Now Underway - Processors 2