The 3 application limit that has been a part of Starter versions of Windows has been confirmed to have been dropped for Windows 7, as we expected from last weeks rumour.  Even more interesting is the fact that you will actually see netbooks running the Starter Edition as Microsoft plans on releasing it to the world at large as opposed to just certain markets.  It won’t be a perfectly replacement for the full version however, many features like DVD Playback are not enabled.  You can follow the link at The Inquirer to see the other missing features.

“MICROSOFT HAS DECIDED to allow its Windows 7 Starter edition to run more than three apps at once.

The company came in for some healthy criticism over the limitation in the first place. Now in a post on the Windows blog the Vole changed has its tune.

‘Based on the feedback we’ve received from partners and customers asking us to enable a richer small notebook PC experience with Windows 7 Starter, we’ve decided to make some changes compared to previous Starter editions,’ the company said.

‘We are going to enable Windows 7 Starter customers the ability to run as many applications simultaneously as they would like, instead of being constricted to the 3 application limit that the previous Starter editions included.'”

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