MSI is gearing up for a summer overclocking contest known as the MOA – Master Overclocking Arena!  While the gears are still in motion for the official debut of the rules and regional sites, it looks like it is shaping up to be a very interesting event.

Here’s how the event will break down for time lines:
  • 6/29 – 7/19: Phase 1 with scores submitted online; Top 10 continue on
  • 7/25-8/2: Phase 2 with scores submitted online; Top 3 receive X58 systems while Top 2 will be taken to Beijing China for finals
Besides MSI, both OCZ and Thermaltake are sponsoring the contest that will have over $6000 in prizes in addition to the trips to China for the finals.

MSI hosting Master Overclocking Arena contest - Motherboards 2 

We’ll definitely let you know when official registration begins for the MOA – but for now you can check out the global preview site located here.