HP and AMD are working together to give people who want a mobile computer just a smidgen larger than a netbook with their dv2 series.  Three different Pavilion dv2s exist, all are powered by the Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, the differences lie in the maximum amount of memory available, drive size, GPU and a few bundled features.  The low end 1010ea model utilizes an onboard X1250 the two more expensive models sport a Mobility Radeon HD 3410 512MB card.  How do they fare against the Intel Atom N270 powered MSI Wind?  Check out HEXUS for the answer.

“There’s a fourth segment that both Intel and AMD want to exploit. Ostensibly sitting in-between a netbook and regular notebook – not necessarily in price – we’re going to see a large number of laptops that provide more processing power than netbooks and a thinner, lighter form-factor than regular notebooks. Intel’s bringing its CULV (consumer ultra-low voltage) platform to bear for this hybrid laptop, and we’re seeing models popping up from the likes of Acer and MSI right now.

AMD, on the other hand, already has a platform in place that exploits the niche between netbook and notebook. Currently an exclusive with Hewlett Packard – albeit with BenQ now retailing a Sempron/690E laptop – the AMD Neo/ATI-powered HP Pavilion dv2 fits in the ‘Yukon’ platform. Has HP and AMD got it right? Let’s find out.”

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