At first glance, the name GMC X7 X-Station makes you think of hybrid station wagon or maybe one that can go off-road, but it is indeed a PC case, or more specifically a gaming case.  It sports some features that might make you scratch your head, like a pair of power buttons and the ability to swap 3.5″ bays for 5.25″ bays, but in a way these features do add to the overall usefulness of the case.  Hardware Bistro thought it resembled the Bulldozer case from the same manufactures, not to say that it is a bad thing.  Take a look.

“GMC is a Korean company which is quite famous with their outstanding designed PC cases and one of the good reputation PC case is R4 Bulldozer. After review couple of GMC PC cases, today we will proceed with another review on GMC PC case; X7 X-Station which also comes with very unique design such as multi power switches, LCD indicator, easy swap bay and so on.”

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