PC Power & Cooling has expanded its lineup into UPSs with the Pro-Source 1500.  As you might expect this is a pure sine wave UPS, and it provides up to 12 minutes of backup power at a 600W.  Bjorn3D thought this was a perfect time to hook up an insanely powerful PC to see just how this UPS performed.  They took a Corei7 965 running at 3.74 GHz and three GTX-285’s all with a 50MHz GPU overclock for a grand total of 758W system draw.  Find out how long the UPS managed to keep it up and running in the full review.

“PC Power & Cooling (Acquired by OCZ in 2007) has long been a serious player in the computer power supply arena. We were pleased and surprised when they contacted us about a Uninterpretable Power Supply (UPS) called the Pro-Source 1500. The UPS arena is new for PC Power & Cooling but given their reputation for rock solid large single rail power supplies we’re betting that the Pro-Source 1500 is just as dependable as the PSU so many people have come to know and love. While many PSU companies ran with the crowd and went modular and multiple rail PC Power & Cooling staunchly insisted the modularity in a computer PSU, and the removable power cords, change the PSU’s ability to deliver clean power and add resistance to the delivered power. As for multiple rail PSU, PC Power & Cooling doesn’t manufacture those, they stuck with large single rail PSU insisting that a single large rail delivers cleaner more dependable power. A company that refused to profit from trends and insists on doing things the single best way might not have the profitability of trendy companies, but you can bet that their product will be top of the line and no compromises were made in the manufacture of any of their products.”

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