If you have a good ear, the difference between onboard audio and audio from a high def source over a high end sound card stands out enough that the entrance price is worth it.  Others might not hear much of a difference, but that may also be because they’ve never heard high def audio.  A Blu-ray disk is capable of providing incredible audio quality, assuming the sound card is Advanced Access Content System compliant, otherwise it downgrades the signal to quality even onboard sound can handle.  Digital Trends takes a look at the AACS cards you should consider if you want top notch sound from your movies.  Gamers should drop by too as they have a quick overview of EAX cards to give you full surround sound.

“It’s the question on everyone’s minds: Your PC can produce pretty decent audio without your having to spend a dime on new hardware, so why the heck are we advocating doing just that? Because you’ll get vastly superior quality using an optional add-on sound card—and it’s the only way to avoid compromised audio from Blu-ray movie discs. Following is everything you need to know about these handy accessories.”

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