Currently there is one motherboard available, the ASUS M4N82 Deluxe, which uses nVIDIA’s 780a 980a chipset.  That is it, there are no others for sale and it seems very unlikely as that board is an AM2+ board, not even an AM3 and we have heard in an interview with Jen-Hsun Huang that nVIDIA has abandoned the AMD platform completely.  That may not affect you as a gamer directly, but it certainly affects anyone running an AMD based server farm where nVIDIA has been a major player.  Join Josh in a quick trip down memory lane and a look ahead at the future of nVIDIA.

“Unfortunately for NVIDIA, this decision may in fact hasten them out of the chipset market altogether. While the Intel side has untapped potential due to its dominance in the marketplace, the upcoming obsolescence of the front side bus based platform that Intel has used for decades will eventually cut NVIDIA out of the market altogether. Unless of course NVIDIA can acquire the necessary licenses to offer QPI and DMI based chipsets. We can certainly ask VIA how well that process went for them.”

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