Leave it to ASUS to create an Eee PC that beats the iMac for looks.  All you really see is the 15.6-Inch touchscreen LCD, the Atom N270, 1GB of DDR II and a 160GB HDD are all nestled within the screen, invisible to the user.  The touchscreen is you main interface, though ASUS also includes a mouse and a cut down keyboard with the numpad inexplicably missing.  When you fire it up, you are greeted with a very odd sight, what looks like Linux is actually WinXP in ‘EasyMode’ sporting an Eee bar that bears a remarkable resemblance to a different OSes toolbar.  Take a gander over at Futurelooks.

“Asus can largely be credited for making the netbook so incredibly popular in the first place. Even if you think that netbooks are already obsolete, there is still something to be said about producing an inexpensive computer that can easily handle most of our online tasks, whether it be web surfing, video watching, or word processing. It is with that in mind that we turn our attention to the Asus Eee Top ET1602 1B.”

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