Hardware Secrets stumbled upon the Akasa Paxpower 500 W PSU, a company they had never heard of before offering a PSU who’s statistics make it attractive to most users.  The pair of 12V rails offering 18A each will power most graphics cards and the 500W peak power should keep the rest of the system content.  First they dissected the PSU and checked each component for quality, then they proceeded to test the PSU in a system.  They did run into an interesting snag when they fully loaded both 12V rails at 500W, the PSU would not switch on until they removed the load from one of the 12V rails.  See what other surprises they found in their full review.

“Paxpower 500 W (also known as Powerpax 500 W or AK-P050FG7) is a mainstream power supply from Akasa, featuring active PFC and a 120-mm fan. Since this was the first product we’ve reviewed from this brand, we were very curious to see if it could really deliver its labelled power. Read on.”

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